1. Require to wear mask all the time.
2. Adult supervision is required at all times. Day care is not available.
3. This is a SOCK ONLY facility.
4. Please remove shoes, loose articles of clothing and jewelry before using the play equipment.
5. Socks must be worn at all times.
6. A liability waiver must be signed for each child and adult.
7. A parent or guardian must show ID prior to use of the playground.
8. Keep an eye on your property.
9. Jump Jungle is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen goods and personal property.
10. NO adults permitted without paid fee of a child.
11. Outside food and drinks are prohibited unless pre-approved for booked parties and events.
12. NO food, drinks or gum allowed in play areas.
13. No rough play, fighting or pushing.
14. Slide one at a time, feet first. NO CLIMBING UP the slide.
15. Play at your own risk
16. NO sick children allowed in the facility.
17. Any children exhibiting signs of illness will be asked to leave.